Saturday, October 16, 2010

Block Lottery

I belong to the following online quilt guild dedicated to quilting for childrens' charities.

This group has a member that hosts a monthly block lottery.  The requirements are that each participant make two (or more) blocks, one to be put into a quilt for Sunshine and the other to be entered into the block lottery.  Each month has a different designated color scheme.  At the end of the month, a drawing is made for the winner of the blocks.  The October colors are to be predominately red, black and white.  I won the October blocks last year and a picture of the resulting quilt (that was donated to Wrap Them in Love) is in my Oct 2, 2010 post.

These are the blocks I will be sending in this month, plus a few pictures of blocks sent in for earlier months this year:
Oct 2010 Red/Black/White
 Jun 2010 Pink/Green
 Jul 2010 Novelties

This is always a fun way to try out a new block design before committing to a whole quilt, or to go back to an old favorite pattern.  It's great fun to see the variations of blocks and fabrics that are submitted.

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