Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Block Swaps

I have been a member of an on-line quilt block swap called MailBlocks for about a year and have now accumulated quite a few UFOs from those swaps.  The group normally has at least one swap per month, the theme for which is chosen by the members, and a monthly block lotto. In addition, they periodically have round robins and fabric exchanges.    If you are interested, the MailBlocks Yahoo Group is located at:

I’m sure the UFOs will be the subject of another post, but today I want to show you a few pictures of some quilts from those swaps that I have actually finished.  The first three of these quilts were donated through the Sunshine organization that I mention in my profile and the last picture, the pinwheel quilt, was donated to an orphanage in Kazakhstan.   Enjoy the pictures!

The last picture shows a quilt made from the leftover triangles resulting from the squares-in-squares from the quilt above it.  The *squares* blocks were 12", so the triangles that were cut off were large and I couldn't bear to throw them away - voila!  a different quilt resulted!  What fun ...

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Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Beautiful quilts! I'm sure these quilts made someone very happy. thanks so much for sharing the link!