Saturday, October 2, 2010

Learning to Post Pictures

Today's adventure in blogging is going to be learning to post my quilt pictures to my blog.  I tried to change my header this morning and had a frsutrating experience with the text disappearing behind the picture, so I expect posting photos to go much smoother ... oh, ye eternal optimists!

Here are a few of my most recent quilts that were sent to a group called Wrap Them in Love.  You can visit their Yahoo Group site to learn more about this great organization:

Quilt made from lottery blocks I received:

B/W/Red Lotto Blocks

Scrap quilt with bows:
Scraps and Bows

9-Patch Tribute to a special lady (Helen) with a heart for children:
Helen's Heart for Children

Uses the Downy Fabric Softener pattern (modified) used for Quilts For Kids donations:
Helen's Heart for Children 2

Bug Jar quilt uses the special lady's (Helen's) fabrics:
Helen's Fabric 1

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