Thursday, October 7, 2010

Donating to Quilts for Kids

One of the organizations that I occasionally make quilts for is called Quilts for Kids.   I have participated in two ways:

(1)   I joined in with the Downy Touch of Comfort program, whereby the Procter & Gamble company – the parent of Downy Fabric Softener – partnered with Quilts for Kids to provide comforting quilts and a touch of home to children hospitalized in the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  I believe this partnership has now ended as they exceeded their goal of donating 10,000 quilts to children;  AND

(2)   I have volunteered at a local quilt shop (LQS) for several different all-day events to crank out a bunch of quilts for the local chapter of Quilts for Kids.  When you work with your local chapter, the quilts that you make stay within your community. 

The national Quilts for Kids organization will send out a free quilt kit upon request.  Kits include the fabric for the top and backing of the quilt.  The pattern and official Quilts for Kids label is also included in the kit.  The quilt must be returned within 4-6 weeks.  The organization also requests that you include one or more quilts of your own when you return the finished quilt so they can reach more children in need of comfort.
The link to request a kit follows:

The following photos include my two Downy quilts (the kit that was sent and the one made from my own fabric) and several tops that I have donated to my LQS for the all-day volunteer event for the local chapter of Quilts for Kids.

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