Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trying a New Technique

I'm always up for trying a new quilting technique that might simplify my life.  A youtube video has been going around the quilting message boards that shows a brief tutorial for using Layer Cakes (or using any 10 inch square or using strips sewn together and then cut into 10 inch squares).  The video promotes the book "10-Minute Quilt Blocks" by Suzanne McNeill.  Here is a link to the video:

Well, I tried it and it certainly is as quick and simple as promoted.  My issue is with the wasted fabric since I sew for various children's charities.  You end up with a 6.5 inch square on point in the center of four squares and have wasted the rest of that particular 10 inch square because the fabric is doubled up underneath.  The time savings or ease of just sewing three seams doesn't make up for the fabric loss to me.  I'd rather put squares onto the corners of the big blocks and sew on the diagonal (saving the resulting triangles to make pinwheels).  When sewn together, you get the same visual effect of a single square set on point.

These test squares were leftovers from a pinwheel quilt I made for my grand-niece last spring.  I'll sew a couple of borders on this and make a baby quilt to donate.   All in all, I enjoyed the experience, but probably won't use this technique for the type of sewing that I do (where I try to maximize fabric to save money to make more quilts).

 I did get to practice a few decorative stitches on my machine that I never use.  The center squares need to have their edges stitched in place so I tried bows and leaves plus two other stitches that don't show very well in photos.  I should have used colored thread - of course, NOW I think of that!

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