Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preview of Next Quilt

I am about to finish loading another one of the quilts that I am quilting for another person.  This is a gorgeous top with exciting colors.  Here's just a sneak preview of several squares and the two borders:

I'll finish this one up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, this is what my dog and I saw on our walk around the pond today.  Yep, one is a *nothing to worry about* soft shell turtle sunning himself .... and the other is a *let's stay away from him* young American Alligator.  I say young because he still has his camouflage colors with striping, but he's about 4 feet long.

 We'll just keep our distance!

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Carol E. said...

Wow! That's quite an alligator picture! That's one thing that scares me about Florida, and makes me thankful they don't live in Minnesota... because I LOVE to jump into lakes and would hate to think I might be eaten while trying to cool off.