Sunday, October 10, 2010

Looking for Fall

We had a lovely *cold* snap a week ago, when the temperatures dropped below 80 (F) and the humidity was lower.  It was wonderful while it lasted.  Today it was back up to 85 and and humid again - fortunately, there was a slight, continuous breeze so it was still quite pleasant.  October is usually a good month for us.

I went around the neighborhood looking for signs of Fall - which is more subtle here than up North.  We occasionally see red leaves in a small bush or vine, but not usually in the trees.  The yellow leaves are usually duller than the exciting golds, but we still have unmistakable signs that Fall is on its way.  Check out the following:

Halloween is always a giveaway that Fall is here!
 Holly Berries are starting to come out (last year's photo).
 Sometimes you see a red leaf.
 These aren't holly, but this bush is trying to berry out, too.
 The crepe myrtle is changing colors and will drop its leaves entirely soon.
 The cypress trees will also drop most of their leaves in the winter.

Marigolds and Mums make for a lovely display.

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